New Brighton timings:
Lunch: 12 PM to 2 PM
Dinner: 5 PM to Late
Lunch Starts from $7.95
with Rice and Naan
(only on weekdays)
Belfast timings :
Monday - Friday
Lunch: 12 PM to 2 PM
Monday to Thrusday & Sunday
Dinner: 4.30 PM to 9 PM
Friday & Saturday
Dinner: 4.30 PM to 9.30 PM
Yes We Deliver *
0800 CURRY4U (2877948)
PH 388 0898
(* delivery fee applies)
 About us

We invite you to embark on a culinary journey of the Indian Subcontinent and explore the many regional styles of cooking that India has to offer. Our cuisine is based on most popular dishes of five Southern states in India and few dishes of Northern discover for yourself the hidden flavours and aromas of individually prepared dishes from these regions.

We are operating since 3rd July 2009, under the guidance of our Chefs and Managers; we are pleased to offer an exciting menu which we really hope will elevate your tastebuds to a spiritual level. Talented and well travelled chefs with an immense passion for Indian food worked in top restaurants and five star Hotels in South India. Our menu is not only a showcase for regional Indian cooking, but also a showcase of undoubted skills of our chefs. Ancient Ayurvedic texts prescribe the herbs and spices for curative and therapeutic functions. Ayurvedic scripts dating back to 3000 years. Most spices used in Indian cooking are very healthy, and make the digestion process much easier. The typical Indian cook has learnt to use this knowledge and weave them into everyday dishes. From the subtle spicing of Mugals, Maharajas to latest Nizams influenced North and South Indian grills and from kormas to the fierier South Indian style of cooking using coconut, tamarind and chilli, we offer a menu to cater for all palates. With individual spicing and preparation each of our dishes displays unique tastes.

For seafood aficionados we have dishes from coastal Goa and the serene backwaters of Kerala. Our vegetarian and non-vegetarian selection is sourced from all over the Indian Sub-continent; try our Dal Makhani (Punjabi slow cooked lentils) to Chepa Pulusu (Fish Curry from Andhra Pradesh). We do have very popular dishes from which you never tasted in any other restaurant. We are especially thankful to customers who supported and are still supporting us through years. We hosted charity functions, large bookings and we have designed our menu suitable for large and small group bookings as well. We donít boost ourselves by saying that we are the best, but on the policy of Quality, Reasonability and Affordability we do the best.

Our wine list has been specially created to compliment our food menu. Most wine gurus agree only carefully selected wines can be suitable partners for Indian cuisine. We have gone one step further and compiled a list which matches our style of cooking. With a strong New World bias, our whites are mainly fresh and aromatic, our reds are fruit driven, our beers are internationally recognised and we do have in-house made non-alcoholic beverages. We offer several wines by the glass so experiment it and let us know what you think. "you are the boss"! So go a head and match your food with your favourite wine.

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